Build Your Corporate Team in Country Roads

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Step in and be greeted by tranquility. Country Roads Resort is the perfect venue for a weekend getaway destination or for corporate team building events near Kolkata. The peaceful natural surroundings give a whole new meaning to living life

A Green Paradise

Sprawling greenery and unpolluted air - Country Roads unveils a whole new appreciation about nature. So that every time you become a part of this natural heaven, you feel refreshed in every sense.

Nurturing Nature

At Country Roads, we are committed to protecting the natural environment that surrounds us.

Here, rare endemic species are very part of our surroundings. We work closely with local environmental groups to conserve this exceptional landscape and wildlife for today's dwellers and future generations to come.

Our villas are built in ways that ensure minimal impact on the natural surroundings. To save a great amount of energy we use solar power, CFL's and LED lamps across the entire project and Inverter Air conditioners in guest rooms. The 4 acre water body is for harvesting and storing rain water. The entire project is a green haven with an abundance of fruit trees, wild flowers, shrubs, ornamental flowers, local plants, birds and butterflies.

Peaceful easy feeling

Country Roads is a pristine retreat away from the mad city rush. With the swaying trees, meadows, natural water bodies and lush green lawns - the green world of Country Roads not only harmonize the soul and mind, but also gift the dwellers with a rejuvenating living experience.

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